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On Monday, The Office of The Texas Attorney General and the University of Texas at Austin asked a federal judge to throw out a lawsuit seeking to stop “campus carry”.

The lawsuit was brought on from three current UT Austin faculty members: Professors Jennifer Lynn Glass, Lisa Moore and Mia Carter.

The three professors sued the state of Texas and the Austin-based university in order to bar licensed gun owners from carrying concealed in their classrooms. Their hope was to prevent “campus carry” from continuing before the Fall Semester begins on August 24th. The law already took effect on August 1st.

The professors are seeking a temporary injunction on the grounds that allowing students to bring guns into their classrooms will restrict their ‘academic freedom” to facilitate free discussion in their classrooms. Essentially they believe that this second amendment right will impede upon their first amendment right. Arguing that they will no longer feel free to discuss controversial topics because of their fear of students using their weapon to intimidate or harm them or a fellow students.

But the University of Texas at Austin didn’t buy their excuse, saying, “Even if the … policy had some incidental impact on Plaintiffs’ speech, that impact does not implicate any interest that the First Amendment protects”.

Although U.S. District Judge, Lee Yaekel, has yet to make a ruling on this case, his decision could be announced as early as this week.