racist gun contol

I was planning on taking a vacation from this whole “gun control and racism” nonsense in the media lately, particularly after my article yesterday. Unfortunately, I guess this is going to be a theme that will never cease. What theme is that you ask? This blatant racism from the anti-gun opposition.

Yes I said it. And you know it.

They are pretty vocal too. And they are the same ones trying to paint our side as the racist, intolerant, “gun crazies”.

Today, some very clever and oh-so original, hackers created a fake website with a fake gun program. The website claimed that the National Rifle Association and Smith and Wessson have teamed up to implement a “buy one, give one” program for at-risk individuals in the inner city. Or rather affectionally called the “Share the Safety” program.

Laughter ensues.

Let’s just say it as they actually meant it, shall we? The black, poor, too-dangerous-to-be-trusted-to-protect-themselves-with-firearms should never be the recipients of such a program. Right?

It is not like they, law-abiding citizens in an unfortunate and violent environment, should be able to fight back if ever they need to protect themselves. Protection from whom? The real criminals. Those who kill innocent men, women and children every single day. Like the 49 shot in a single Chicago weekend just a couple of months ago.

On their own Facebook page the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, with triumph and self-righteousness in their step, made the following statement:

“Someone trolled the National Rifle Association in an epic way today by creating this hoax website (with accompanying news release) that purported to be a new NRA program aimed at providing free handguns to “at-risk” youth in urban areas. Worth a look. The scary thing is that it wasn’t immediately clear to even us that it was a hoax.”

Hilarious, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence!

You are saying that it is absolutely PREPOSTEROUS to arm citizens in an “at-risk” area? Spelled out more plainly, the Detroits and Chicagos of this country?

The place where citizens are lucky to survive through their teenage years, much less till the age of 50?.

I don’t think it was too funny when you look at the long history of black Americans, yes some even “at-risk”, and living in urban environments, using gun rights to protect their behind from criminals, bigots. MLK Jr. believed in being armed. Heck, on the opposite spectrum, even the Black Panthers believed it.

Indeed someone “trolled” the NRA. But I’m not laughing. Because the fact is this : gun control hurts the very people that you are mocking, and the inherent racism of the gun control movement is no laughing matter.