I don’t usually agree with radical feminists…

But when I do, it’s to defend pro-gun, Olympian athletes like female shooter Corey Cogdell-Unrein.

The Chicago Tribune, like the pro-Women, progressives they are, decided to congratulate the 3-time Olympian, not to mention 2-time Bronze medalist, by referring to her as the “wife of a Bears’ lineman”

…at least they were gracious enough to include a picture of her and the bronze medal she won in their story, bless their hearts.

Look, I am not married – I’m a single woman with lots of dreams and goals that I’m working hard to accomplish. In fact, one of them is getting married and having a family of my own one day. But I don’t consider my three year goal of walking across the stage to receive my diploma and subsequent clerking for the Texas Supreme Court equal to or dependent on walking down the aisle to marry my future husband.

Don’t get me wrong; both will be amazing goals and will probably be two of the best days of my life. But in completely different ways and definitely not dependent on the other.

The Twittersphere agreed:

Even after they made a correction, Twitter wasn’t having it:

But of course, like the role model and the #GirlCrushThursday idol she is for me, Corey Cogdell-Unrein, responded with grace and confidence.

In an interview with Excell Sports, Cogdell-Unrein said, “I appreciate everyone standing up for me, for sure, and I’m very proud of the things that I’ve accomplished on my own. I’m just excited to celebrate an Olympic victory.”