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Almost all modern SWAT.ERT units use AR-15-based carbines, having determined long ago that 9mm submachine guns are inferior in almost every measurable way. Here, SWAT units hunt for one of the Tsarneav brothers responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing.

WHERE THE “EXPERTS” AREN’T: Kentucky SWAT Team Demands Antiquated SMGS

The Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun was state-of-the-art when it was introduced… 50 years ago. That isn’t keeping the Lexington, Kentucky Police Department SWAT team from demanding ten of the museum pieces in a […]

In the most month, my every day carry has been upgraded. In addition to the ites carried before I've added a M18  Maverick Olight, and swapped out the single-stack Kahr with one spare magazine for a Walther PPQ with two spare double-column magazines.

Cursed With Failing Federal Security, Smart Gun Owners Are Upgrading Their Concealed Carry.

More than 40 Americans who fought for the Islamic terrorist caliphate (ISIS) have reentered the United States, and the FBI Director says that he is powerless to stop them from doing so. An unknown number […]

The G8 V2 and Blade Tech Holster

The Non-Lethal Illusion of School Safety

My September 1 article, “The Screaming, Flashing, Low Resolution Laser Pepper Camera Transmitter Abomination” provoked interest, and a letter from one Paul Hughes, C.O.O. of the company responsible for the device referenced in the article, […]

Gunsite 250 Pistol Instructors Walt Wilkinson (left) and Chris Currie (right) demostrate a speed reload.

Gunsite 250 Pistol: Getting Back Into The Fight

Previous article in the series: Welcome to Gunfighter School Gunsite: Brilliance in the Basics “Make Ready!” Monday, the first day of 250 Pistol at Gunsite Academy, is very much about learning the “Gunsite way.” We […]

Suppressed Sterling

A Submachine Gun Primer

The recent tragedy of a 9 year-old girl accidentally killing a supposed instructor with a Mini-Uzi  raises many issues, including the proper firearms and methods for introducing young children to shooting. Fortunately, the family of […]

Rangemaster John Hall demonstrates the Weaver as Instructor Bob Whaley describes it to Gunsite students.

Gunsite: Brilliance in the Basics

Previous article in the series: Welcome to Gunfighter School The Mission of Gunsite Academy is to provide good people with the skills by which they my conduct themselves as responsible citizens of a free Republic.–Jeff […]

Welcome To Gunfighter School

Welcome To Gunfighter School

“This is a fighting school, not a shooting school.” Rangemaster John Hall set the tone as he welcomed us to the 250 Pistol class is that is the core of the “Gunsite experience.” The 19 students in […]

Ammo Test – HPR Black OPS 9mm 85gr OTF

Ammo Test – HPR Black OPS 9mm 85gr OTF

The HPR Black OPS 9mm 85gr OTF (Open-Tip Frangible) seems as if would be a gimmicky round… but a little bit of ballistics gel testing suggests that it may actually be a good, low-recoiling self-defense […]

Hornady 9mm Luger +P Ammunition Recall

Hornady 9mm Luger +P Ammunition Recall

Hornady Mfg Company is recalling one (1) lot of 9mm 135gr +P Hornady Critical Duty™ Ammunition, Item#90226. This lot was shipped between the dates of 6-5-14 and 7-16-14. Item number 90226 LOT # 3141635 Hornady […]

A Browning 1919A6 recovered in Angle Lake Park, Seatac Washington. Photo by Rosalyn Raumbauer.

Seatac Savages To Melt Down Rare Machine Gun For Anti-gun Agi-Prop

A Browning 1919 machine gun was the unlikely find of divers in Seatac, Washington, who were participating in a “clean sweep” of Angle Lake Park in Saturday, July 26, 2014. Being a reasonable and sensible people, […]