Kaytlyn Leonard brought the "Eddie Eagle" program to 3rd grade students at an Asheboro, NC, elementary school. (NRA BLOG)

Shouldn’t Gun Training Be Mandatory In Schools?

An after-school program in Missouri allows children of any age to learn gun safety and marksmanship: Ready, aim, fire. A new statewide program in Missouri has introduced an after-school lesson on gun safety for public […]

Facts? We don't need no stinking facts.

Assorted Nutjobs Come Together to Protest “‘Killer Cop’ Competition” in Albuquerque

The anti-cop anarchist left is losing their minds over the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) National Police Shooting Competition (NPSC), which is being held in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The contest has been held annually for more […]

This average suburban home in Pennsylvania could be Anywhere, USA. Are you prepared?

Combat Vet Flanks, Kills Attempted Murderer

Repeat after me, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is…” District Attorney Ed Marsico said 23-year-old Craig Everette II had a right to defend others when he shot and killed […]

Gunsite 250 Pistol Instructors Walt Wilkinson (left) and Chris Currie (right) demostrate a speed reload.

Gunsite 250 Pistol: Getting Back Into The Fight

Previous article in the series: Welcome to Gunfighter School Gunsite: Brilliance in the Basics “Make Ready!” Monday, the first day of 250 Pistol at Gunsite Academy, is very much about learning the “Gunsite way.” We […]

Is Your Firearms Training Realistic?

Is Your Firearms Training Realistic?

I’ve been to a number of different self-defense courses in the past 20 years, almost all of them focused on drawing and shooting at a stationary paper target at a known distance on a static firing line after […]

Suppressed Sterling

A Submachine Gun Primer

The recent tragedy of a 9 year-old girl accidentally killing a supposed instructor with a Mini-Uzi  raises many issues, including the proper firearms and methods for introducing young children to shooting. Fortunately, the family of […]

Dear Deputy: Standing In Front Of The Gun Is Not A Good Idea

Dear Deputy: Standing In Front Of The Gun Is Not A Good Idea covers the story of a Texas border county teaching residents how to defend themselves from home invasions committed by criminal aliens sneaking in over our poorly defended southern border with Mexico. That’s all well […]

Dissecting the Mozambique Drill

Dissecting the Mozambique Drill

If you’ve been around defensive pistol shooting for a while, you’ve likely heard of the Mozambique Drill (AKA, failure to stop drill). I came about after Rhodesian mercenary Mike Rousseau told the story of an […]

Rangemaster John Hall demonstrates the Weaver as Instructor Bob Whaley describes it to Gunsite students.

Gunsite: Brilliance in the Basics

Previous article in the series: Welcome to Gunfighter School The Mission of Gunsite Academy is to provide good people with the skills by which they my conduct themselves as responsible citizens of a free Republic.–Jeff […]

Welcome To Gunfighter School

Welcome To Gunfighter School

“This is a fighting school, not a shooting school.” Rangemaster John Hall set the tone as he welcomed us to the 250 Pistol class is that is the core of the “Gunsite experience.” The 19 students in […]