Rangemaster John Hall demonstrates the Weaver as Instructor Bob Whaley describes it to Gunsite students.

Gunsite: Brilliance in the Basics

Previous article in the series: Welcome to Gunfighter School The Mission of Gunsite Academy is to provide good people with the skills by which they my conduct themselves as responsible citizens of a free Republic.–Jeff […]

Welcome To Gunfighter School

Welcome To Gunfighter School

“This is a fighting school, not a shooting school.” Rangemaster John Hall set the tone as he welcomed us to the 250 Pistol class is that is the core of the “Gunsite experience.” The 19 students in […]

Two NYPD officer wildly fire at murderer Jeffery T. Johnson as a bystander flees for cover.

Because Journalists Know More About Guns Than Firearms Instructors, That’s Why

I’m in the process of wrapping up my first post in a series about my week at the “Harvard of Handguns,” Gunsite Academy. I spent five days (and part of a night) in the celebrated […]

Carrying one handgun accessible to each hand greatly enhances your ability to end the fight if one hand or arm gets injured. Guns, gun hands and gun-side arms and shoulders often get shot in real gunfights.

Are You Prepared to Fight Through An Injury?

At a recent meeting, another attendee commented to me that she is currently unable to shoot due to an injury to her dominant-side right arm. (I specifically avoid the terms “strong side” and “weak side” […]

Range Time’s Cory Jackson Addresses “Stolen Valor” Claim

Range Time’s Cory Jackson Addresses “Stolen Valor” Claim

Cory and Erika of Range Time have a popular YouTube channel, and seem to have built a decent firearms training business. Some people have recently accused Cory of “stolen valor,” saying that he claims to have […]

Tactical officers use the FBI  flashlight technique in a night training exercise on

RULE FOUR: Even Worse

Earlier in the week we discussed the incident in Virginia where a homeowner failed to follow Rule 4 (Always be sure of your target). He shot his teen-aged daughter as she attempted to reenter the […]

NJ Logan's revolver... a 5-shot Smith  & Wesson J-frame, perhaps?

Menace to Society: The Untrained, Frightened Gun Owner

Last week we brought you the story of NJ Logan, the Holmes Beach, Florida grandmother who grabbed a revolver when a burglar broke into her home. As she was on the phone with 911 the […]

The Worst Self-Defense Advice You’ll Hear Today?

The Worst Self-Defense Advice You’ll Hear Today?

Theories on the best way to employ firearms in self-defense are constantly evolving. Instructors, trainers, and gun writers come at the problem from various angles and with varying levels and kinds of training and experience. […]

My preference, when wearing two guns on the belt, is to set one up for primary access with the right hand and one for primary access with the left hand.

Re-Examining The “New York Reload”

Just when I thought that I had run out of topics for discussion in this forum, I ran across and took exception with a blog posting presenting what I view as a somewhat distorted view of the […]


Rule Two, Shoulder Holsters and the Safety Circle

As I do not believe in posting articles every week if I lack a meaningful topic, I asked the members of my mailing list for suggestions. Montana instructor (and author of the Montana Firearms Freedom Act) Gary Marbut […]