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A man identified as Zale Thompson, a

Rookie NYPD Officers Overcome Their Training To Survive Axe-Wielding Jihadi

Two rookie NYPD officers overcame their training to successfully draw their weapons and fatally shoot an axe-wielding man who attacked a quartet of officers in broad daylight yesterday afternoon. The attack occurred at about 2 […]

NO HONOR AMONG THEIVES: Jamie Lee Faison was left to die by his fellow would-be rapists after being shot.

WINNING THE WAR ON WOMEN: NC Grandfather Takes Out THREE Would-be Rapists

A trio of serial home invaders met their match in a 67-year-old Lumberton, North Carolina grandfather who shot them all when they attempted to rape is 19-year-old granddaughter. The incident started around 10 pm at a […]

Tara Wade says that her step-son is "good boy" who

“He Was Good Kid.” Stepmother Defends Five-Time Loser Killed Committing Home Invasion

You knew that there had to be a family member or friend somewhere that would crawl out of the woodwork to tell us how 22-year-old felon Calvin Yoder was a good kid who was just […]

KNIFE TO A GUN FIGHT:  Flint Armed Robber Meets His Match

KNIFE TO A GUN FIGHT: Flint Armed Robber Meets His Match

A Flint, Michigan robber armed with a knife thought that he had an easy score, until his “victim” turned out to be better armed. Flint police were called to Clio Road on Thursday, Oct. 16, […]

A shotgun believed to have been used by the homeowner is being processed as evidence.

TWO-TIME LOSER: Nebraska Man Out On Bail Shot And Killed Committing Home Invasion

A Nebraska man out on bond from two previous crimes was shot and killed as he attempted a home invasion against a good guy with a gun. An armed man who allegedly broke into a […]

Pennsylvania state Reps. Ryan Bizzarro, left, and Marty Flynn were accosted while they walked home Tuesday night near the Capitol in Harrisburg (AP Photo)

Democrat Lawmaker Credits Concealed Carry With Saving Two Lives

A pair of Pennsylvania State Democratic Representatives are alive today because one of them was able to draw and fire his concealed weapon, driving an armed robber away: A Pennsylvania state lawmaker who got into […]

“WELCOME TO ARIZONA!” Phoenix Gun Owner Thwarts Bank Robbery, Kills Suspect

“WELCOME TO ARIZONA!” Phoenix Gun Owner Thwarts Bank Robbery, Kills Suspect

A Phoenix business owner saw a bank robbery beginning to unfold in the strip mall where he works and decided to take action to defend his neighbors. He grabbed his own gun, snatched the keys […]

Pennsylvania State Rep Marty Flynn defended himself and another lawmaker with a concealed handgun.

Elected Democrat With Concealed Handgun Breaks Up Armed Robbery in PA

Details are still very sketchy, but Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico has confirmed to an ABC News affiliate that two muggers targeting a pair of State Representatives in Harrisburg targeted the wrong guys. ABC […]

The suspect, Jeffery McSwain, Jr., attacked a woman inside this vacant Flint, Michigan home.

Michigan Concealed Carry Permit Holder Helps Thwart, Capture Attempted Rapist

The mother of a woman who told police she was attacked inside an eastside home said she is thankful for neighbors who rushed to her daughter’s aid, including a man who held the alleged attacker […]

Gas Station Clerk Blasts St. Louis Armed Robber

Gas Station Clerk Blasts St. Louis Armed Robber

There isn’t a lot of detail on this incident yet, but initial reports out of St. Louis make this sound like a classic case of a good guy with a gun taking down a bad […]