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Cody Anne Bowling's boyfriend was killed during a home invasion. Should she be charged with his death?

Tarheel Kills Shotgun-Toting Home Invader. Should The Getaway Driver Be Charged With Murder?

A Timberlake, NC man did not respond kindly to the threats of an armed home invader: A homeowner shot and killed a masked man early Sunday who had broken into the Timberlake home, aimed a […]

Lenoir County, NC has seen a 1000% increase in the number of concealed carry permits since 2004.

Concealed Carry Permits Skyrocket 1000% in Eastern NC County

The citizens of Lenoir County, NC, are tired of the media-generated perception that there is more violent crime, and they’ve decided that they will not be victims. The presence of crime is causing concealed weapons […]

The storage building where Paige Hamm confronted a burglar.

You Shoot Burglars In The Chest Like a Girl

A 28-year-old Goldsboro, NC woman heard something early yesterday morning and looked out her window. When she saw the lock had been cut off her storage building, she asked her roommate to call 911, then […]

Harnett County, NC Sheriff Larry Rollins

Everybody Get A Gun: Close To Home Edition

As a resident of southern Wake County, North Carolina, I’m aware of the recent spate of violence in Harnett County, just to our south. What I wasn’t quite prepared for was how the local sheriff […]

Amy Suzanne Pittman

Family Says Woman Shouldn’t Face Charges After One Son Kills The Other With A Gun Found In The Home

The family of  a North Carolina woman says that she should not be facing charges after her 9-year-old son was killed by her 12-year-old son with a pistol he found in their home. The mother’s defense? […]

Robert Miller, apparent failed robber.

Surprise! Durham Robber Flees Armed Clerk

A thug walked into a Durham tobacco store and attempted to hold it up with some sort of long gun, apparently thinking he’d make an easy score. It didn’t go the way he planned: A […]

North Carolina Repeals Jim Crow-Era Gun Registry

North Carolina Repeals Jim Crow-Era Gun Registry

While “progressive” parts of the Republic continue to push for more abusive citizen control laws, my home state of North Carolina is attempting to right past wrongs. One of their efforts includes repealing Durham’s Jim […]

Nicholas Hartman

Robber Brings Pepper Spray. Clerk Brings Gun. You Know Who Wins.

Thomas Hartman isn’t the smartest robber in the world, but he’s among the luckiest. He attempted to rob a North Carolina gas station with pepper spray, and found that the gun-wearing owner didn’t have an […]

Charlotte Armed Robber Dies After Being Shot By Victim During Robbery

Charlotte Armed Robber Dies After Being Shot By Victim During Robbery

A pair of armed robbers in Charlotte had the tables turned on them Monday night, when their intended victim got his hands on a firearm and put at least one bullet into one of the […]

“But AR-15s Are Only Weapons Of War,” They Said. ANOTHER AR-15 Used In Self-Defense.

“But AR-15s Are Only Weapons Of War,” They Said. ANOTHER AR-15 Used In Self-Defense.

A Vance County, NC man is alive and well and a home invader is in critical condition because the criminal brought a pistol to a rifle fight: A Henderson homeowner defended himself against a home […]