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The burglary suspect was shot at approximately 2:30 AM. He was reported deceased at the hospital roughly 2 hours later.

BAD SHOOT? Burglar Shot, Killed By Neighbors In Texas

If a burglar breaks into someone’s home and the homeowner shoots them, it is typically viewed as a “good shoot” in most jurisdictions.* But what does the law say when neighbors watching over an empty […]

Carrying one handgun accessible to each hand greatly enhances your ability to end the fight if one hand or arm gets injured. Guns, gun hands and gun-side arms and shoulders often get shot in real gunfights.

Are You Prepared to Fight Through An Injury?

At a recent meeting, another attendee commented to me that she is currently unable to shoot due to an injury to her dominant-side right arm. (I specifically avoid the terms “strong side” and “weak side” […]

True Justice and Self-Defense

True Justice and Self-Defense

Like most people, I find stories about law-abiding gun owners who vanquish low-life criminals to be riveting. What red-blooded American doesn’t enjoy genuine stories of self-reliance and self-defense? With America’s love for adventure and justice, […]

Guns And The Future In Ferguson

Guns And The Future In Ferguson

What we have here is a “failure of civility.” Looters in Ferguson, Mo., were met with little police resistance Friday night and store owners say they were forced to protect their businesses with their own […]

The storage building where Paige Hamm confronted a burglar.

Zimmerman 101: Move Away From the Threat

A recent justified-self-defense shooting in Goldsboro, North Carolina, will not likely attract gun grabbers’ national outrage, at least not publicly. However, normal people should juxtapose this incident with the dubious portrayal of the George Zimmerman […]

The Worst Self-Defense Advice You’ll Hear Today?

The Worst Self-Defense Advice You’ll Hear Today?

Theories on the best way to employ firearms in self-defense are constantly evolving. Instructors, trainers, and gun writers come at the problem from various angles and with varying levels and kinds of training and experience. […]

Ten Seconds: The abusive ex-husband kicks in the door. Police Officer have not yet been alerted as the dispatcher is still trying to figure out the location of the caller.

Bloomberg’s Everytown Explains Why Women Need A Gun for Self-Defense [VIDEO]

Michale Bloomberg’s anti-gun group Everytown For Gun Safety inadvertently showed their followers precisely why a woman might need a firearm to defend herself and her children from an abusive ex-spouse or another kind of home […]

Tom Greer shot and killed a woman that was part of a couple that was robbing his home.

“I Shot Her Anyway” Fleeing Accomplice Charged With Murder

Bearing Arms reported yesterday on the story of Tom Greer, the 80-year-old Long Beach man attacked by burglars in his home. Greer unwisely told a media outlet how he shot and killed one of the […]

Tom Greer's Long Beach, CA home is now a crime scene.

“She Best Be Dead.” Plausible Self-Defense, Or Cold-Blooded Murder?

An 80-year-old man came back to his Long Beach, California home Tuesday night to find a man and a woman ransacking the house while committing a burglary. The couple attacked homeowner Tom Greer, and continued […]

ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE: Jury Hears Opening Statements In The Renisha McBride Case

ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE: Jury Hears Opening Statements In The Renisha McBride Case

What is the difference between an accidental shooting that occurs during a legitimate act of self-defense, and the crimes of 2nd degree murder and manslaughter? Ultimately, that is a question that the jurors will have […]