no fire arm sign

Finally getting a concealed carry permit, I never realized the complications involved.  Until ten years ago I lived in The Peoples Republic of New Jersey where the rumor was that they rescinded (or would not renew) more permits than they issued.  

Therefore, obtaining one was never even a feasible option, and believe me I tried.  I was in northern New Jersey and went into New York City all of the time.  I knew lots of other law abiding citizens who felt the need to protect themselves, but could not get a permit for New Jersey, much less New York City.

The old mantra “Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six” was what you lived by.  During those years I ran a couple different Credit Unions. I often had to work late and alone. I never had to un-holster my gun, but I have no regrets. I new the risks and it was worth it.  In my opinion the law was wrong.

Now I live in Minnesota where the law is right, and as a law abiding citizen I have a permit to carry. Everything should be grand? Well, not so fast, there are complications. Many of which I never thought about.  First off, you have many Bleeding Heart Liberal Commie businesses that put up signs saying “No firearms Permitted.” 
Usually I choose not to patronize that business. But before I leave I let them know that their sign cost them me as a customer.

Now my employer does not have any signs forbidding firearms, but their policy is that employees can not carry at work.  I work for a bank and the theory is that if would be robbers do a recon and notice that the staff is packing, they will come in shooting.  I think that they would probably go to a different bank, where the staff is not armed.  Unfortunately I don’t have enough clout to change the policy here.

Furthermore, my job requires me to go to court a dozen or so times per year. To get into most courthouses you now have to submit to a proctologic exam that is more invasive than the TSA. Now if my role there is not “defendant” or “alleged perpetrator”, then why am I a threat? Our legal system has so many other greater issues, it is probably a lost cause, but I just hate leaving my weapon in the vehicle.

Another thing that never crossed my mind when I first got the permit, was state lines. Normally I meander back and forth across state lines without a care. “It’s like going to Wisconsin. We go in, we come back out. Nothing to it”(Stripes). Except of course, if you are carrying a concealed weapon. When I go on long trips in the car with the family, it would be very comforting to have something in the passenger compartment for personal protection. Vehicles always seem to breakdown in the middle of no where. I don’t like to be suspicious, but I also don’t want my kidneys sold to the highest bidder.  
I know that there are “Multi-State Permit” programs out there and I need to research them. It just seems like a big hassle and a lot of expense for a couple road trips a year. I’ll do my homework, and who knows, this endeavor could lead to a future column.

My final rant on this topic has to do with military facilities.  I do not believe that there is a military post in the country that doesn’t have signs at the gates stating “No Privately Owned Weapons”.  Now if I get to an antique store that has a sign I can leave, put the gun in the car, or just pretend that I didn’t see the sign. But when I get to a post, I have a gone a great distance and parking off post and walking in is not often an option. If you ignore it, I run the risk of being a random selected vehicle for a search (just my luck).  The solution isn’t too hard, even for me, if there is any chance that I am going on to a military installation, I make sure that I don’t bring a gun. It is definitely not worth the risk.

But I can leave it at that, I have to point out the obvious and screaming irony of the situation. I mean come on, we have the best trained most professional military in the world, why do we put stupid rules on them? We arm them with the most effective weapons in the world, but permit to carry or not you can’t have a weapon on post?

If someone has ill intent, do you think that sign at the gate is going to dissuade them? Really? No, all we have done is dis-arm all of their intended targets. It is the same argument for permits to carry anywhere else.

So the bottom line is that the permit to carry comes with some complications that you must be conscious of, but I wouldn’t give it up for the world. Only in America!