Detroit’s criminal class isn’t intelligent, but they sure are consistent:

Detroit police say one man is dead after a shootout between a Rosedale Park homeowner and suspected home invaders.

“Family members and the homeowner were in the basement playing video games when they heard noise upstairs and footsteps inside of the home,” said Detroit Police Sgt. Michael Woody, Detroit Police.

Police said two men broke into a home, with a third waiting in a getaway car. The duo tried to escape when they were confronted by the family in the home, on the 15000 block of Glastonbury Ave.

“There were shots fired in the home before the two suspects busted through the front door,” said Sgt. Woody. “That’s when the two suspects fired shots at the homeowner from outside, the homeowner returned fire striking the driver in the car.”

The two got away but the getaway driver was fatally hit, causing the car to crash into a neighboring home and injure a 29-year-old woman.

So the homeowner drove the bad guys out of his home and saved his family… it’s too bad the story doesn’t end there.

Unfortunately, authorities are hinting that the homeowner may end up facing criminal charges, and there are the distinct possibility of civil charges, all because he because he apparently pursued the bad guys beyond the threshold of his home.

In a worst-case scenario, he could face the following (hypothetically speaking):

  • criminal charges for pursuing the suspects and shooting of the getaway car driver.
  • civil charges from the family of the getaway car driver.
  • civil charges from the homeowner of the house that was hit by the getaway car.
  • civil charges by the person inside the home hit by the getaway car for injuries that were a result of the shots that killed the getaway driver.

Learn from this homeowner’s mistake, and never make the mistake of turning a defensive gun use into a pursuit.