We wrote about the toxic anti-gun attitude of WFSB reporter Kate Rayner in April, when she attempted to smear a justified self-defense case as an act of road rage.

WFSB reporter Kate Rayner was quick to dramatically label a defensive gun use in Hartford, Connecticut as an example of “some serious road rage” in her heavily biased video report.

Even the slightly more measured print report was constructed in such a way as to clearly show disdain for the actions of a man who saved his life with a handgun:

A homeowner who shot a driver this morning will not face charges.

Police say the shooting happened around 2 a.m. on Newberry Street in Hartford. The homeowner was trying to pull into his driveway, when two other drivers blocking the way, refused to move their vehicles.

Following a verbal altercation, officials say one of the drivers pointed a gun at the homeowner. The homeowner, reached for his own gun and fired first.

Police say the homeowner is a licensed gun owner, and he will not face charges.

The driver who was shot was taken to the hospital for treatment. According to police, both he and the other driver were arrested.

Law enforcement agrees that the homeowner who shot in self-defense was entirely in the right, and that the two jerks blocking the road were entirely in the wrong.
That seems to matter little to WFSB, who seem entirely apoplectic that a citizen dared defend his life with a firearm.

That story now “404s” at WFSB, and according the Hartford Courant, sniffy Kate Rayner is gone as well:

Morning news team reporter Kate Rayner is leaving WFSB.

News director Dana Neves confirmed Tuesday that Rayner  will leave the station in mid-September.

Apparently Bearing Arms readers aren’t the only people who have had enough of Rayner’s unpleasant attitude.