Kimberly Corban

Kimberly Corban grew up in, and still has the pleasure of calling Colorado home. A mother to two young children, she stays plenty active and has no shame in singing Disney songs at full volume with her son and daughter. In May of 2006, Kimberly's life was irrevocably changed when a stranger broke in to her college-area apartment, held her for two hours, and raped her. She immediately reported the crime and served as the key witness in her attacker's trial, successfully garnering a sexual assault conviction. Kimberly's tireless mission became educating others about the impacts of sexual assault as she chose to release her name to the media and become a victim's advocate. When her right to continue to concealed carry on her college campus came under fire in 2013, she knew she had to take action and get involved in the fight to protect our second amendment rights. In 2016, Kimberly confronted President Obama on CNN's Nationally televised Town hall asking him why he couldn't see that his gun control policies were actually make her and her children less safe. She has been featured on many major news networks including CNN, Fox News, NRA News, The Blaze as well as multiple syndicated radio programs and print media. Kimberly hates running yet does it anyway, loves all things llama, is a serious movie quoting buff, and is not very sarcastic. You can like her on Facebook at or follow her on Twitter @kimberly_corban.