A police officer in Granbury, Texas was honored by the city earlier this week for saving a three year-old’s life on a call in which he was never officially dispatched.

On October 12, the emergency operator received a panicked call from John Geis: “My son is not breathing.”

Paramedics were dispatched to the scene—a Kentucky Fried Chicken where three-year-old Brayden Geis had stopped breathing after having a febrile seizure.

Officer Chase Miller was on duty when he heard the call, and immediately rushed to the scene. He arrived one minute later, before the paramedics.

Dash-cam footage from his police vehicle shows Miller hopping out of his car, taking the limp child out of his mother’s arms and carefully placing him on the ground. He then began CPR.

At one point, Miller asked the boy’s father to continue with the chest compressions, while he got a breathing mask from the car.

The boy’s mother, Bethany Hoover, can also be seen in the video pacing back in forth, her face in her hands.

Within two to three minutes, Miller had the boy breathing again. He was then taken to a hospital where he was able to fully recover from the seizure and the high fever that caused it.

At a City Council meeting on Tuesday, Granbury’s mayor awarded Miller the Life Saving Award. Miller also got to reunite with Brayden, the little boy he saved.


“Go give him a hug,” said his mother.

Miller also gave the boy a toy police dog who coincidentally is named Chase. Hoover told police that the puppy officer from the children’s show “Paw Patrol” is Brayden’s favorite cartoon character.

Hoover also said she couldn’t thank Miller enough. “I thought my life was over when it happened. I mean, he is my life,” she told NBC DFW.
“I never dreamed of making a difference by saving a life,” Miller admitted to Fox4 News. “I’m thankful, blessed and very relieved to know he’s up and at ‘em.”