For Nikki Goeser and her husband Ben, April 2, 2009 began as any other day operating their karaoke business at a sports bar in Nashville, Tenn. There was one problem, however; a man was stalking Nikki in the bar. Rather than cooperating when he was asked to leave, the man pulled a gun on Ben and shot him.

In her book, “Denied a Chance: How Gun Control Helped a Stalker Murder My Husband, Nikki not only details what happened that tragic April day, but also discusses her transformation into a powerful gun-rights advocate. Via Blue Collar Muse:

Far too many respond to the shooting of innocents in theaters and schools by blaming guns for violence, Nikki places the blame where it really belongs – on the murderers.

She came to understand legislators crafting bad law bear responsibility, too. The gun used to murder Ben was in the bar illegally. Nikki, although a carry permit holder, an Intermediate Handgun Certification holder and experienced gun range volunteer was required by law to leave her handgun in her car. She obeyed the law. The murderer did not.

Nikki can’t say with certainty that had she had her handgun she could have stopped Ben’s murder. She also knows a bad law denied her the chance to try.