Surprise: New LA Law Requires Toy Guns to be Painted

It would appear as if these school districts can’t get enough of toy guns.  They’ve recently gone so far as to ban them, suspend students for having them, and pass burdening legislation.


The latest abuse of power unfortunately falls under a legislative issue.  According to CBS, a new ordinance has been proposed in which all toy, BB, and air guns would be painted to completely denote them as toys.

Of course this a giant step past the current requirement that only require an orange painted tip.

From CBS:

The department then recommended to the Police Commission that the city draft an ordinance that would require all BB devices, Airsoft pistols, and other imitation firearms to have the entire exterior surface painted “in a distinguishable color that will enable law enforcement to readily distinguish these imitation firearms from other firearms.”

Council members voted 14-1 on Wednesday in favor of drafting the measure, which would only apply within Los Angeles city limits.

It is the Department’s duty to emphasize how important it is to draft new laws or amend existing laws that would help prevent future OIS incidents associated with BB devices and imitation firearms.


But will this measurement make that much of a difference?  What’s stopping a criminal from buying a cheap can of black spray paint and turning a toy gun into a realistic one.

Once again, instead of actively trying to stop those that commit crime, another city has taken it upon themselves to pass a regulation that will hurt manufacturers of toy and air guns—who will be forced to modify their designs specifically for Los Angeles.

We’re all for curbing accidents, but not with a foolhardy plan that harms law-abiding companies and fails to provide a solution.

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