It's on: California state senate passes ammunition purchase permit bill

Remind me again, history majors: what were the British attempting at Lexington and Concord that kicked off that little kerfluffle on April 19, 1775? Ah, yes… a powder raid.

It looks like another powder raid is on now in the California state senate, as anti-gun Democrats try to pass an absurd ammunition purchase permit bill:

A controversial gun measure proposed by a Southern California lawmaker that would require background checks for all ammunition purchases statewide is moving forward in Sacramento.

Senator Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) first introduced Senate Bill 53 last December, which would require anyone wishing to purchase ammunition in California to first obtain a Ammunition Purchase Permit issued by the Department of Justice, valid for one year from the date of issuance.

To obtain such a permit, the holder would have to pass a traditional background check as well as a mental health check, according to De León. The legislation would also ban online and mail order sales of ammunition to Californians.

In addition, SB 53 would require all ammunition sales to take place at a limited list of State-approved “ammunition vendors”, who would also be required to submit sales records to the CA Department of Justice.

Tellingly, the national media nationwide are darn near silent on this most controversial bit of legislation. It’s almost as if they want this to pass without California’s citizens finding out it was even being considered.

Do de León or any of the other  anti-gun California state senators really think that passing another time-consuming, expensive, expansive gun control law is really going to have any effect on criminals?

Of course not. Their goal is the disarmament of law-abiding citizens.

If anyone ever wanted to invest in a string of stores specializing in by-the-case ammo sales and while-you-wait automobile suspension adjustments just over the state line on every highway leading into the Golden State, now might be a good time to start lining up investors.