Chris Christie demands ammunition control in New Jersey

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed 10 gun control laws within the past two weeks, rejected another as being technologically unfeasible, and sent a poorly-written ban on .50-caliber rifles back to the state legislature to have it tailored more to his liking.

Christie wasn’t done pushing gun control laws, however, and continued to call for other “common-sense measures,” including this one:

Requiring a New Jersey Firearms Identification Card for the purchase of all ammunition and reasonably restricting shipments of ammunition to the address specified on that Identification Card.

The requirement to have an Firearms Identification Card to purchase ammunition would be among the most restrictive in the nation. What the big government governor means by “reasonable restrictions” on ammunition shipments is anyone’s guess, but it sounds like an attempt to curtail mail-order and internet sales of ammunition.

This would be detrimental to shooters of non-standard calibers and gun owners with a preference for antique or specialized firearms that use ammunition not commonly found in big box stores, while having little impact on criminals who tend to use the most common ammunition calibers.

Shooters in New Jersey who don’t have what everyone else has are going to be forced to find a retailer willing to go through the hassle of ordering small batches of specialized ammunition, and can expect to pay a premium if Christie has his way.

All this hassle won’t stop crime in Newark Camden or anywhere else in New Jersey, so we’re forced to ask: what is the New Jersey Governor’s real goal?