How cute: Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn & gun control group think criminals will obey 'gun-free zone' signs

Ron White, your shtick is calling:

A new push to turn Seattle businesses into gun-free zones took a step forward Monday when Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn and the group Washington Ceasefire launched a program for businesses to voluntarily ban guns in stores.

About a dozen of businesses on Capitol Hill say they are already stepping up and taking action by sticking decals in their store windows declaring their business a gun-free zone. Those participating so far include Odd Fellows Lodge, Elliott Bay Books, and Cupcake Royale, to name a few. Cafe Racer, the scene of a fatal shooting at its University District home last year, is also participating.

“This is the most significant health issue of our time I would argue,” said Ralph Fascitelli with Washington CeaseFire, “yet the most neglected.”

June Son works at Lost Lake Cafe and Bar, another business participating in the program.

“A lot of us work late at night and at the end of your shift when you’re walking home, it’s just a much better feeling overall to know that folks aren’t out there with guns,” Son said.

She says the owners of their business were the ones who came up with the idea.

“Our owners here really wanted it to be a safe environment for everyone by doing a gun-free zone,” Son said.


These folks can’t seem to grasp that the same people who are a threat to them will ignore these signs, just as they ignores laws against armed robbery and murder. The campaign is nothing more than a political statement that will leave shoppers at these locations more at risk to predators than they would otherwise be.

One of the article’s readers summed up the absurdity of the situation brilliantly.

 “Alright,  Johnson and Smitty, you guys go in first and act like customers.  Then 2 minutes later me and Mikey will come in, guns out, and take over the place.”

“Uh boss. I cased the joint last week and they’ve got a no guns sign”

“NUTS- Foiled again”

Ron White was right: You can’t fix stupid.

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