In the Best of Hands: NYPD/Bloomberg press conference points hundreds of guns at reporters

Charles W. Cooke at National Review Online found this headdesk moment in the twitter feed of J. David Goodman, the NYPD police reporter for the New York Times. Goodman covered a joint NYPD press conference featuring Mayor Michael Bloomberg today that saw hundreds of guns pointed directly at the audience.


While we hope that the NYPD had the good sense to clear each and every firearm on display, what they failed to do is as undeniable as it is unforgivable. They clearly left magazines in, with bolts closed, on numerous firearms pointing at the press corpse.

I mean, press corps.


At least one of the guns picture above, third up from the bottom on the left, clearly has the bolt-closed and the safety off as it points towards the assembled reporters.

Clearly, chamber flags and Bloomberg’s much called for “common sense” about firearms must not be within the NYPD’s budget.

Apr 16, 2021 10:30 AM ET