Hello, I must be going: Troy Industries "un-hires" gun control supporting former Chicago top-cop

Jody Weis, the gun-control-supporting former Superintendent of Police of the Chicago Police Department, was “unhired” from Troy Asymetric almost as quickly as he was hired.


From Troy’s Facebook Page:

Troy Supports the Second Amendment and its Customers

Troy Industries is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. In recent months, we have been more vocal about our beliefs, choosing to align ourselves with companies and individuals who are like-minded.

In response to the reaction of our customer base, Jody Weis will not be joining the Troy Asymmetric cadre of instructors.

We value the thoughts and concerns of our loyal customers. Troy Industries and its affiliated companies are strong supporters of the Second Amendment and will continue to promote this right through our products, statements, actions and affiliations.

It appears that Weis got the job with Troy’s government and police training division based upon his work as a cop before his disastrous turn as Chicago’s Police Superintendent, and Troy was simply unaware of his gun control views.

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