In the best of hands: Cop in training fires bullet into occupied classroom

A constant refrain from anti-gun Democrats is that only the police are responsible and well-trained enough to handle firearms.

You know… like this guy.

The Savannah State University Department of Public Safety is investigating an accidental discharge of a campus officer’s weapon this morning.

The bullet went through a window in one wing of the Hubert Technical Building and traveled into a window of another classroom.

The bullet then lodged in a wall.  A class was in session at the time but no injuries were reported.

A spokesperson for Savannah State says the campus officer was participating in a firearm training/demonstration exercise at the time.


By the way: an “accidental discharge” is a very rare beast indeed, usually the result of a mechanical failure. This was a negligent discharge all the way.

University police officers get a bum rap most of the time. By the nature of their profession they deal with a demographic that is young, largely unsupervised for the first time in their lives, where alcohol and drug violations are rampant along with fighting and sexual assault. It isn’t the “cake” job some would make it out to be.

My beef with the supervising officer in this particular story is a simple one: why on Earth was the Savannah State University Department of Public Safety doing firearms training with loaded weapons on campus, instead of at the range?

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