George Zimmerman may be looking to add another Kel-Tec to his defensive battery

Gossip site TMZ is reporting that George Zimmerman visited the headquarters of Kel-Tec Thursday in Cocoa Beach, FL, and was given a factory tour.

TMZ speculates that Zimmerman wasn’t looking for another PF-9, however, and may have been looking to add the compact and futuristic 14-shot 12-gauge KSG tactical shotgun to his personal defense battery.


The U.S. Department of Justice has so far refused to return the Kel-Tec PF-9 pistol that Zimmerman used to successfully defend himself against Trayvon Martin’s attack.

The KSG would follow a trend in Zimmerman’s selection of firearms since he became a political symbol, with a desire for high-capacity magazine weaponry. The Zimmerman family continues to receive death threats daily basis, and there is reasonable suspicion that if he is attacked again, he will face multiple assailants.

Zimmerman’s first publicly-known high-capacity firearm acquisition was a FN Five-seveN pistol purchased at some point after he shot Trayvon Martin, but before his arrest. The Five-seveN is a soft-recoiling, high-velocity pistol with 20 round magazines using the specialized  5.7×28 cartridge.


When Zimmerman turned himself in to face a second-degree murder charge, he turned in the Kel-Tec, 3-20-round magazines, and 61 rounds of ammunition that he was carrying. When he was acquitted, the Five-SeveN was immediately returned to him. It was this pistol that was likely in his possession when he was pulled over for speeding near Dallas, TX several weeks ago.

Jun 25, 2022 12:30 PM ET