Troy Asymmetric defends hire of Ruby Ridge sniper

It was bad last week when Troy Asymmetric (Part of Troy Industries) hired and then fired anti-gun Chicago top-cop Jody Weis over his hatred of the very kind of products that Troy manufactures.


Now the company is inexplicably standing behind the employment of one of the FBI HRT snipers that was part of the debacle at Ruby Ridge.

Really, Troy?

The outrage over Mr. Monroe’s hiring has been escalating on discussion forums such as In response to countless angry posts the owner of Troy industries, Steve Troy, took to the interwebs to justify his company’s decision to hire the former FBI sniper. Shockingly, his post appears to defend Mr. Monroe and his involvement in the Ruby Ridge stand-off.

On August 22, 1992, Dale was an HRT Operator tasked to a mission in which he found himself facing armed adversaries. His thoughts were not only on the situation at hand, but the tragic death of a child and a U.S. Marshal. During this type of confrontation when people die, you don’t have the ability to pick sides, they are drawn before you arrive. Dale did what he was trained to do as a sniper / observer. He was fortunate not to have to take a life at this engagement. Special Agent Horiuchi made the regrettable shot, a mistake for which he will never be forgiven. Of the FBI Agents assigned to the Ruby Ridge tragedy, Dale has been one of the most outspoken. He has delivered dozens of presentations to more than 1000 civilians titled “Mistakes and Lessons of Ruby Ridge”.

Given what I know about the events of Ruby Ridge based upon witness testimony, including that of Mr. Monroe, I’m a bit stunned by Steve’s post. It appears he is completely ignorant of the facts surrounding the case and of Mr. Monroe’s own testimony before the Senate.


I was inclined to give Troy a pass with Weis, figuring it was just a huge, ham-handed slip-up in human resources. Now that Steve Troy himself is defending the hiring of Monroe, Troy may be destroying his company’s brand with much of the shooting community.

Troy Industries is on its way to becoming the tactical Dixie Chicks.

What a shame.

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