Match Game: Do you change your carry gun to match the perceived threat?

It seems that every day in the news, isolated individuals are being set upon by groups of predators for little to no reason other than being in the “wrong place at the wrong time.”


Are pocket pistols that have grown so popular among concealed carriers in recent years now “enough” gun?

They’re hard enough to shoot accurately under the best conditions thanks to their short sight radius and abbreviated grips, and now their low on-board ammunition capacity  has some starting to wonder if the pocket pistol was simply designed to solve a different scenario.

At the same time, we’re confronted with the comforting reality that violent crime is still continuing a 40-year decline, and relatively few concealed carriers live and work in these largely “gun free” urban areas where this sort of mob attack seems to be occurring.


This shooter carries a Kahr CM9 in a Densantis Nemesis pocket holster with a spare 6-round magazine for daily carry in the ‘burbs, but transitions to a Springfield Armory XD 3″ sub-compact with a 13-round magazine in a Crossbreed SuperTuck when forced to go to The City or travel to unknown areas.

Do you change your carry gun to match the perceived threat, or carry the same gun at all times?

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