NC elementary school to raffle rifle: usual suspects throw a hissy fit

Remember all the times muzzle-loading rifles were used in school shootings in recent years?

Yeah, me neither, but that hasn’t kept the local media from acting like it’s the end of the world.


To raise money for class field trips, a Wilson County school plans to raffle off a rifle during its school carnival next month.

A member of the local chapter of hunting organization Delta Waterfowl donated a muzzle-loading rifle to Lucama Elementary School for its Sept. 14 Fun Fest.

Principal John Joyner obtained approval from Wilson County Schools Superintendent Sean Bulson to raffle off the gun, as long as students weren’t connected with it in any way.

“It’s an unusual fundraiser – kind of an unusual request – but at no time will this weapon be on campus,” school district spokeswoman Amber Whitley said, noting that students also won’t be allowed to buy or sell any tickets to the raffle.

The rural North Carolina school district’s decision was either innocent or cagey, or maybe a little bit of both.

The state media’s “Oh my, can you believe their nerve?” hysterics over the raffle have caused interest in the contest to skyrocket.

20 $5 raffle tickets were initially printed, but 300 more have been ordered to satisfy demand.

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