Changes to Missouri’s concealed carry law will address concerns that the Revenue Department was attempting de facto registration:

The concealed carry switch is largely the product of a fight that dominated this year’s legislative session over the state’s handling of gun permit holders’ private information.

The Revenue Department came under fire after it started keeping electronic copies of concealed carry documents. Officials eventually halted the scanning policy, but legislators opted to move the issuance to local sheriffs’ offices to calm concerns.

Missouri Sheriffs’ Association executive director Mick Covington said people seeking concealed carry permits should see little change in the application process.

“We hope there will be no interruption in service,” he said.

The sheriffs’ offices already handled most of the permit work. The change — production of the physical permit card — is expected to add about a minute to the process at the sheriffs’ office, while saving applicants a trip to the drivers license office, Covington said. Additionally, permits will now be valid for five years, rather than three.

The extension of permits from three years to five years will also make permit holders happy and mean less work for the local sheriffs’ offices.