Shemane Deziel, wife of rock legend and fierce  Second Amendment advocate Ted Nugent, was arrested bring a gun into Dallas/Forth Worth International airport late Thursday in what looks like a case of oops, I forgot:

The wife of singer Ted Nugent was arrested Thursday afternoon after security found a gun in her carry-on luggage at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

Airport spokesman David Magana confirmed that the DFW Airport Department of Public Safety took Shemane Ann Nugent, 51, into custody, and “the rest of it is working its way through our system of legal approval.”

Nugent’s attorney, David Finn, said that taking the gun to the airport was an “honest mistake.” Finn said Nugent has a concealed handgun license.

Finn said Nugent had worked late and got up early Thursday for the airport, and either “completely forgot or never knew the weapon was in her bag.”

“She is very embarrassed. She’s never been in this situation before,” said Finn. “She has expressed remorse for any inconvenience for any public safety officials.”

Finn said Nugent has no criminal record, and he does not expect his client to be indicted by a grand jury.

Really? The attorney is seriously going with “she completely forgot,” or “didn’t know,” that she was carrying a firearm in her bag?

I’m not a fan off off-the-body carry anyway simply because of weapon retention concerns, and the reassuring though sometimes uncomfortable weight always reminds me that I’m armed. The idea that she might have been carrying and didn’t know it, scares me more than the thought of her intending to bring the gun on to the plane.