Mom's Demand Action activists lose their minds over blackpowder rifle raffle

A hallmark of the gun control movement is shrieking irrationality; the same sort of primal unthinking phobia that some people express towards spiders, snakes, and clowns, but applied to firearms.

Gun Free Zone captured an example of that emotionally compromised hysteria when he noted a response by the anti-gun group Moms Demand Action to the blackpowder rifle raffle in a rural North Carolina school district that we mentioned last week.

The ladies of MDA freaked out merely hearing the term “rifle” and “school” in the same sentence, even though the blackpowder rifle in this rifle will never be brought on school grounds. One example of the hysteria of the anti-gun group is a revealing comment left on the site by Jennifer Bell, one of MDA’s hysterical harpies from Raleigh, NC.

Bell called the school to castigate the principal, with predictable results:

I called and spoke to the principal today. It was a very concerning conversation. I was calm and collected and tried to appeal to him as a fellow educator in regards to the kind of example this will set for the students and the influence his decision will have. He didn’t let me get very far – interrupting me several times to tell me that this was not “some kind of AK 47 or hand gun.” It’s a black powder gun apparently. Then he asked me if I was a gun-owner. When I said that was immaterial to the discussion, he said obviously you’re not [a gun-owner] and don’t understand anything. I’m a hunter and know what I am doing. Then he hung up on me. Clearly, his personal ad political convictions are leading his decisions, which is inappropriate for a school administrator. Additionally, he was unprofessional, dismissive, and rude. I shared my experience with the state superintendent, June Atkinson (unfortunately, her authority is limited in this case). Then I called the country superintendent, Sean Bulson, who approved the decision, to file a complaint about the principal’s conduct and lack of professionalism. Finally, I called our local news station with the story.

“It’s a black powder gun apparently.”

It’s painfully obvious that Bell doesn’t know what a blackpowder gun is, and should can’t tell a muzzle-loader from a muzzle brake. All she “knows” is that it is some sort of gun, and is therefore imbued with some sort of malignant evil that must be kept miles away from the word “school.”

Bell feels it is her “right” to tell this school administrator how to do his job, and inform him what is acceptable for fund-raising efforts for his school. Any sensible person with a busy job would have hung up on this self-centered, arrogant twit as well.

But Jennifer Bell, Mom’s Demand Action’s self-declared North Carolina Education Dictator, isn’t done yet. She called the state superintendent to complain, then the county superintendent, again to complain that her ignorant and emotional point of view wasn’t taken seriously. When that didn’t give her the visceral reaction she wanted, she called her local news station (presumably WRAL, who appears to have ignored her as well) to pitch a fit.

It is obvious that the self-important Bell wants the principal disciplined or fired for not taking her position of passionate ignorance seriously when he has much more pressing issues to deal with… say, the always hectic beginning of a new school year, and the welfare of hundreds of children and their teachers.

Jennifer Bell is, sadly, a perfect example of the mindset we’ve seen so far from Mom’s Demand Action, where logic and rationality need not apply.