File this under aging has-beens:

Congress failed to renew the assault weapons ban, but one can buy an assault weapon from an individual or a gun show without having to show any identification. Even after the movie theatre carnage in Colorado and the slaughter of school children in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut by individuals wielding assault weapons and large ammunition clips, Congress failed to provide enough votes for simple background checks.

A recent study by two professors at Cleveland State University estimated that Americans own between 262 and 310 million firearms. The U.S. population is less than 314 million. Over 30,000 Americans die every year from firearms, and one person in three knows someone who has been shot according to the Brady Center. There are many suggestions about reducing gun violence in the United States. But allowing someone to buy an assault weapon without showing any identification surely is not one of them. Despite the paranoia fostered by the gun lobby, no government agency is going to come and take away guns from American citizens. In fact, the only national database of gun ownership is controlled by the NRA!

Like most celebrities, Barbra Streisand only knows what she’s been told by her publicist, and so her arguments lack what we call “logic.”

For example, she cites Sandy Hook and Aurora as reasons for background checks, even through the firearms used in both massacres were purchased after James Holmes and Nancy Lanza underwent background checks.

Her muddled thinking continues when she asserts “assault weapons” should be banned because there are a lot of firearms in the United States already, which is a non sequitur only further compounded by her mention of the number of people who die from firearms every year, the majority of which are A), suicides, that B). rarely use “assault weapons.”

W also have to point out that anyone wishing to buy a firearm of any kind from an FFL at a gun show or anywhere else still has to fill out a Form 4473 and undergo a background check, unless they live in a state where a concealed carry permit (in which the CCH holder underwent an even more in-depth background check) will suffice.

Maybe Babs should go back to drooling over Bill Clinton, her paranoia, and writing music that helps people sleep better.

Critical thinking is clearly not her strong point.