Folks, sometimes we make mistakes, and we like to think we’re big enough to admit them when they happen. Last week, we commented on three members of Open Carry Texas getting ticketed outside a San Antonio Starbucks for what we think was “contempt of cop.”

We noted after the video that:

Open carry is controversial even among shooters, as it tends to alienate the general public more than it informs them of their constitutional rights.

That wasn’t perhaps the most artful way of expressing the fact of the matter that some people including gun owners find it discomforting to see people open-carrying rifles.

Well, forgot those people.

We’re now of the opinion that every San Antonio Starbucks should require open carry, at least until they solve their toilet snake problem.

Starbucks felt compelled to issue a response:

“The safety of our customers is our top priority. We want all of our customers to have an enjoyable experience when they visit our stores, and we were concerned to learn of this incident. Our partners immediately contacted Animal Care Services. Animal Care Services does not respond directly to calls involving snakes. Rather, they refer snake calls to the South Texas Herpetology Association, which is who checked the store. They performed a comprehensive inspection of our store. South Texas Herpetology Association confirmed the store is safe for customers and partners and that there were no further safety concerns.”

Moms Demand Action for Snake Sense in America has now formed, and are planning on boycotting Starbucks until they put up signs declaring the chain a “Snake Free Zone.”

We’ll seen how much good that does.

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