“The state acts and everybody pays the price.”

Bruce Stanley Sr., an Ilion NY resident who is retired after 34 years working for Remington, summed up the feeling of an entire village in an article in the Buffalo News looking at how New York gun manufacturers are handling the wake of New York’s SAFE Act, a brutally restrictive and unconstitutional gun control law rammed through the New York legislature by Governor Andrew Cuomo and down-state ant-gun Democrats.

Virtually every job in Ilion is connected to the Remington Arms plant either directly or indirectly, so hearing that the company is looking to expand elsewhere puts the entire city on edge. That worry is only heightened when the company—now headquartered in Madison, North Carolina—will not make long-term commitments to the town where they have been since 1816.

Remington’s original plant in Ilion has survived for 197 years, the longest any company has been continuously operating at it’s original facility making the same kind of product.

Whether Remington’s original plant and Ilion itself survives Cuomo and his fellow anti-gun Democrats remains to be seen.

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