Hey, did you hear about the bill to ban lead ammunition in California (AB 711)?

How about the one that would ban all semi-automatic rifles that use detachable magazines (SB 374)?

What about the one that would require the confiscation of all magazines over ten rounds (SB 396), or the one that reclassifies shotguns as a new form of assault weapon (SB 567)?

You can be forgiven if you’ve missed out on these or any of the other bills in a massive raft of anti-gun legislation in California that would, on a fundamental level, destroy the Second Amendment for law-abiding citizens while having little or no impact on criminal behavior with firearms. The left-leaning media has muted all discussion of these bills, to the point that many gun owners in ¬†California are unaware that their constitutional rights are under assault.

The California legislature has the rest of this week to pass these laws through both houses, and then Governor Jerry Brown has until the 13th of October to either sign or veto them.

If you live in California and don’t want to lose your gun rights, call your legislators today.