It's on! Morse, Giron face recall elections today in Colorado

If you’ve been following along here at Bearing Arms, you know the score: two anti-gun Democrats in the Colorado State Senate are facing recall elections today because of their support for gun control laws rammed through the Colorado House, Senate, and Governor’s office without a single Republican vote.

Other than an email calling the recall a waste of time, Governor John Hickenlooper has largely abandoned Senate President John Morse and Senator Angela Giron, perhaps due to the fact that just 35% of citizens polled support the gun laws he signed, and early polling in the recalls and early voting suggest that at least Morse is in serious danger of being deposed in the state’s first-ever recall election.

Known financial contributions to each side show that out-of-state interests have played a big part in the recall, with gun control supporters outspending recall organizers by more than 11-to-1. Should either anti-gun Democrat be defeated today despite that massive infusion of anti-gun cash, pundits assert that the gun control movement nationwide will be seriously curtailed, if not destroyed, for the foreseeable future.

Colorado’s gun laws were heavily-supported by out of state influences, including New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his gun control group, Mayors against Illegal Guns, arguably the only gun control group of any significance in recent years.

Gun control supporters fear that if Bloomberg’s deep pockets can’t save Morse and Giron, then efforts to spread gun control to other states will be ignored by marginally anti-gun Democrats not willing to risk their careers.