Sarah Silverman is a comedian. We know this because she tells us so.

She and fellow left-wing anti-gunners have banded together to publish a video, calling for the creation of the “Black NRA.”

Here it is.

Oops. I appear to have posted the wrong video.

These are real black leaders who recognize that the Second Amendment applies to all people, of every color, who also acknowledge that the National Rifle Association (NRA) was there after the end of the Civil War to train and arm African-Americans that Silverman’s fellow Democrats were trying to lynch.

The NRA was promoting firearms to save the lives of all citizens, of every color, for 38 years before the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was founded.

As Star Parker notes in the video above, African-Americans are the least armed, least defended, and most assaulted part of our society, with 42% of whites but just 16% of blacks armed to defend themselves against criminals.

This problem is exacerbated in poor urban areas where strict gun control foisted upon the African-American community means that only criminals are armed, and the innocent fill body-bags while Silverman and her fellow limousine liberals return home to their gated communities.

Ironically, these “comedians” made this video into what appears to be a homage to Trayvon Martin.

Martin was the 17-year-old former football star that tried to beat a neighborhood watchman named George Zimmerman to death, even after witness John Good yelled at Martin to stop his attack.

According to Martin’s own social media revealed at a hearing during Zimmerman’s trial, Martin was a violent street fighter, who wanted a rematch against one opponent because Martin didn’t think he made him bleed enough in an earlier fight.

These same social media conversations and text messages recovered by forensics experts from Martin’s phone also showed him to be multiple drug abuser, and someone apparently dealing in illegal handguns, attempting sell one .22 revolver in one conversation, while inquiring about buying a Smith & Wesson Sigma pistol (image below from his phone) and a .38 revolver in other conversations just days before he assaulted George Zimmerman.

It appears lost on Silverman and her fellow “comedians” that Martin is precisely the kind of person that law-abiding citizens within the African-American community need to arm themselves against: a violent, drug-abusing, illegal-gun-dealing criminal.

The fact of the matter is that the National Rifle Association has always defended all Americans, and have fought for 142 years against gun laws that put minorities at the mercy of criminals.

We can hardly wait for Silverman’s next video, a full-throated defense of Jim Crow.