Comment of the Day: "Obama ended the gun control debate..."

Obama ended the gun control debate when he decided to arm the Syrian rebels with fully automatic machine guns and rocket launchers. He proved people need guns to protect themselves from tyranny. Did he give the rebels background checks before giving them real assault weapons? Also the latest Harvard gun control study found no correlation between gun control and less violent crime. Gun violence is down 49% since 1993. Liberals want to ban guns simply because they do not like them and they feel their emotions are more important than facts and people’s rights.

After the defeat of Bloomberg, Morse, and Giron in Colorado, CNN trotted forth an enraged left-coast academic to froth at the mouth about gun control. John J. Donahue’s sophomoric rant was utterly forgettable, but a response by a reader calling himself “Dirt Grub” put the entire gun control movement’s jihad against liberty in perspective.

Those twenty seven words that are the Second Amendment don’t grant us rights; they exist expressly to limit what the federal government may do regarding our preexisting rights that we retain regardless of any government.

As we mentioned recently responding to another poorly-informed academic, machine guns and rocket launchers are indeed what the Founders would have wanted us to have.


As a petty authoritarian seemingly more interested in golfing than governing, Barack Obama would prefer us to be serfs instead of citizens, but citizens have a right to bear those military arms he would keep only to himself, Mexican drug cartels, and the al Qaeda-aligned Syrian rebels who he seems to think have more rights than his fellow Americans.