Media collectively freaks out over years-old gun tech and ignorance

Slide Fire Solutions has been making a dead simple bumpifire stock for the AR-15 and AK-pattern rifles from a number of years now. If you aren’t familiar with the term, bump-firing has been around for decades, and simply harnesses the recoil of a firearm to fire multiple shots in rapid succession.


The bumpfire stocks are simple and have no moving parts, so from a technological point of view are rather “meh.” The shooter and the firearm’s recoil does all the work.

What Slide Fire’s stock allegedly does is introduce a degree of controlablity, stability and accuracy that was absent in positional bump-firing, as this MAC video from April 2011 amply shows.

Slide Fire has announced plans recently for what they are calling the SFS BFR, which is a belt-fed rifle conversion, which has also been done for a number of years, by a number of people.

All Slide Fire Solutions did with the BFR was dip their chocolate in someone else’s peanut butter.

A not-very knowledgeable CNN reporter got his hands on the story, and hysteria ensued.

Quite frankly, it’s much ado about very little. As a practical matter, few criminals use rifles of any kind, especially those that are going to be on the market in very limited quantities like the $6,000 rifle with a very limited market as a gun collector’s toy.


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