Dismayed Feinstein unlikely to pursue another attempt at assault weapons ban

Dianne Feinstein seems resigned to the political truth that there is no opportunity for a new assault weapon’s ban to succeed.

The four-term democrat was one of the first lawmakers to respond to Monday’s shooting, calling it “more of the same, except it’s a different place.” She says “virtually every part of our life is no longer safe.”

Feinstein was the author of a federal assault weapons ban that Congress allowed to expire in 2004. Feinstein reintroduced the measure after the elementary school shooting last winter in Newtown, Conn. But it was voted down on the Senate floor this spring – 40 to 60.

Feinstein says “not to be able to succeed is hard.” She says she’d be willing to reintroduce the measure, but only “if there’s some signs that there is a change of will” on Capitol Hill. If not, she says she doesn’t “understand what would be gained by it.”


The sad fact of the matter is that neither an “assault weapons ban,” nor “universal background checks,” nor any other legislative solution predicated on reducing access to firearms or restricting the rights of law-abiding Americans will stop the next massacre, nor the one after that… nor the one after that.

The common thread among the majority of mass killings of the last 30 years is that they are committed by anguished and broken souls suffering from anomie, gross mental illness, or both.

Attempting to gloss over such complex problems with a simplistic blanket of paper statutes called “gun control” is nothing more than an arrogant child’s attempt at relevance.

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