Gun bloggers blame over-the-top open carry activists for Starbucks response

Some top gun bloggers are letting in-your-face open carry activists know that their confrontational behavior gave Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz no other choice than to ask gun owners to leave their guns at home.

Boiled down to it’s essential components, Starbucks was (and is) a business, not an advocacy organization for either side, and simply want to be left alone to employ _____ studies majors with weird piercings and sell coffee to make money for their stockholders.

“Guns and Coffee” open carriers confused tolerance with acceptance, indifference with support, and put Schultz in a position of having to tell everyone to leave their guns at home.

The Gun Feed and Practical Tactical Podcast nailed it.


As one of the bloggers noted, when we leave the “responsible” out of “responsible guns owners,” we are our own worst enemies.