Recalled Colorado State Senator Angela Giron has us beaten

First, there was Angela Giron’s lopsided 12-point recall loss in a heavily Democratic district where she had a 6:1 spending advantage over her no-name opponent.

Then came her whining excuse of “voter suppression.”

If that wasn’t bad enough, she embarrassed herself again earlier this week when she claimed the Naval Yard was heavily defended and the shooter wouldn’t have passed background checks when both statements were laughably false, as everyone else on the planet seemed to know at the time.

No, none of those things matter, becuase Angela Giron has us beaten:

Our story is not the cautionary tale the gun lobby would have you believe it is. Beneath the disappointment of not starting the 2014 legislative session with our colleagues, I feel a sense of peace and pride. There is now a counterbalance to the national gun lobby and a growing base of outspoken supporters. Politicians who have the courage to do the right thing and stand up to the gun lobby will from now on have the support of organizations willing to stand with the majority of Americans who want common-sense gun laws.

Giron then mounted her unicorn and then rode off into the cotton candy forest.