There must be a lot of lead in the waters of the Potomac River, because yet another constitutional law professor at Georgetown is calling for the Constitution and Bill of Rights to be destroyed:

And why do we have lousy gun-control laws? Because of the Second Amendment, which gives Americans a constitutional right to lousy gun-control laws. That’s why we fought a war against the British: We wanted to the right to kill each other, instead of being killed by foreign enemies.

Ah, now we’re getting to the real culprit. Why, oh why are so many Americans killed by guns? In the end, I blame the U.S. Constitution and our weird quasi-religious worship of that antiquated text.

For its time, the U.S. Constitution was a pretty impressive document, if you leave aside certain small details such as slavery, which was considered OK by the Founding Fathers, and women’s rights, which were considered not OK. But let’s give the Constitution’s authors a break; they lived at a time when slavery was widespread not only in the United States but around the globe, and women were still considered semi-chattel in most of the world. For its time, the Constitution was not bad at all.

But for our time, it stinks.

Her ill-formed rant follows less than a year after a similar call for our nation’s founding documents to be scrapped by another radically left-wing, anti-gun Georgetown professor.

On the bright side, she hasn’t publicly called for our children to be murdered.