Gunman shot and killed by campus police near another "gun free zone"

University Police in Durham, NC, encountered and killed a gunman just beyond the borders of “gun free” North Carolina Central University (NCCU) late last night:

The search for a gunman near the campus of North Carolina Central University put the school on lockdown late Monday night and ended in an officer-involved shooting where the suspect was killed.

A SWAT team was on campus early Tuesday morning to search for a suspect believed to have a gun. Durham Police Chief Jose Lopez was also on scene.

The university issued the lockdown around 10:15 p.m. Monday after officials were notified the suspect may have been on campus.

Chief of NCCU Police Timothy Bellamy told WNCN that the suspect was involved in something that Durham police were investigating and was then spotted on the campus.

Three NCCU officers approached the suspect, a male, and questioned him shortly before midnight. At that point, the suspect brandished a gun and was shot and killed by the officers near Cecil Street and Lincoln Street just off campus.

Note that the gunman was spotted on campus before being shot just off official campus grounds

We can only guess that he didn’t see the signs.