Pincus: Top 5 reasons for appendix carry

Rob Pincus knows his stuff, and has listed his top five reasons for converting to appendix carry.

pincus appendix carry

Every point he makes is a good one, however, we think it’s important to note that appendix carry is not for the occasional gun handler, and is best suited for serious students of the gun.


If you carry in the ” late afternoon” positions (3-5 o’clock), your handgun is on the outside of your body, and in the event you have an incident like Derek Grebner when holstering or unholstering your weapon, you only face (relatively) minor injuries.

An accidental discharge in or near the holster when using appendix carry means that your muzzle is pointed at your groin, so that a negligent discharge leaves you neutered or dead.

Need way say more?

Appendix carry has many strong advantages as Pincus notes, but you have to be honest about your skill level. If you aren’t 100% sure that you can draw and holster under stress without shooting yourself, find another way to carry.

Update: Via Twitter, Mr. Pincus shoots Bearing Arms a link to a video of how to do appendix carry safely.