Alarm over open carrier in New Mexico may inspire change in state law

A man identifying himself as “martinrps13” on his Youtube account decided to exercise his right under the New Mexico Constitution to carry a loaded AR-15 into the state capitol building in what he said was an effort to educate the public.


He succeeded.

Now there is a budding bipartisan interest in removing that right.

A handgun in a holster, not a problem, but the gun guy’s visit had lawmakers in both parties thinking about changing the rules.

“I’m a strong supporter of the second amendment. And I’m also a member of the NRA, but I tell you there’s many buildings that you should not be able to carry a firearm into and one of them is the state Capitol,” Republican Sen. Carroll Leavell said.

“Unquestionably, I think we need to ban guns from the state Capitol, and anywhere there’s large numbers of individuals that gather for a very specific purpose,” Democratic Sen. Carlos Cisneros said.

A bill to ban guns in the Roundhouse was actually introduced in the last legislative session, but it didn’t go anywhere. Bills expanding background checks for gun sales and banning assault-style weapons also failed.

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