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This year’s statehouse battles over new gun regulations could all return next year with a renewed debate.

House and Senate Republicans are poised to present a series of bills in the 2014 session that look to repeal or alter some of the gun-control legislation passed by Democrats and implemented into law over the summer.

Indeed, Republicans are competing with one another to sponsor the bills.

And though the files are not yet public, GOP leaders say several Republicans have submitted gun-focused bill titles.

The move would renew the gun debate in an election year and is fueled by the recent ouster of two Democratic state senators primarily for their support of gun laws. The legislature created universal background checks, charged a fee for the checks, added new restrictions for domestic abusers, required in-person training for conceal carry permits and limiting the capacity of ammunition magazines.

Anti-gun Democrats are expected to send any repeal bills to “kill committees” where they’re to be pigeon-holed and euthanized unless citizens force the issue and pose a credible threat of focusing anti-gun Democrats who are up for reelection out of office.

Expect the legislative and electoral battles to coincide with a legal challenges to the constitutionality of the Colorado laws, similar to challenges being made in other states that rushed through laws earlier this spring that appear to be in conflict with the U.S. Supreme court’s Heller decision.

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