Bearing Arms Tee Shirts! Vote For Your Favorite Design

I’m very proud of my Second Amendment rights, and I don’t miss an opportunity to wear my pride through various 2nd Amendment-related clothing I’ve amassed over the years.


But there was something missing… Bearing Arms gear!

Veteran-owned Nine Line Apparel has stepped up to fill the gap, and is offering to make a limited-run of Bearing Arms-themed tee shirts.

But which design makes the cut?

We’re leaving that up to you.

bearingarms tee shirts
(click image to enlarge)

Nine Line Apparel has come up with three options for a design, labeled A, B, and C above.

Vote for your favorite in the comments below, and we’ll turn the winning design into a tee shirt.

Voting runs from today (3/28) until Sunday at midnight (3/30), so be sure to tell us which one you’d prefer by then!

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