It All Comes Down to This: Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton


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Time after time, the mainstream media has tried to write off Donald Trump and his supporters.

And the same media that openly back Hillary Clinton want you to believe it’s not a question of whether she will win, but by how much.

But the media and the Clinton campaign (to the extent they can even be separated at this point) don’t get to write the final chapter to this story.

You do. 

And the only way to do that is to go the polls this Tuesday, November 8, and vote all the way down the ballot to secure your essential freedoms.   

As he has throughout his extraordinary campaign, Donald Trump is defying expectations as polls show an ever-tightening race heading into Election Day.

Donald Trump will stand strong in defense of your Second Amendment rights. Pro-gun legislation would be back on the federal agenda during a Trump administration, and NRA’s long-standing campaign for a nationwide interstate concealed carry law would be first on the list. Trump is also committed to upholding the honor, integrity, and strength of America’s military and law enforcement agencies, and he enjoys strong support in their ranks.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is becoming more enmired in scandal, seemingly by the hour, as revelations from her campaign chairman’s compromised email account, and news of a widening FBI probe into her activities as secretary of state, reach the public. 

Corruption, secrecy, self-dealing, scandal, investigation, and a constant cloud of suspicion: all are guaranteed if Clinton occupies the White House. And no one will be more squarely in the middle of her ruthless plans than America’s gun owners.

Throughout her primary campaign, Clinton boasted of a gun control platform so sweeping that it shocked even her inner circle. She wants to ban the AR-15, America’s most popular rifle. She wants to criminalize the giving or selling of guns between friends, coworkers, and relatives. She wants to repeal a federal law specifically imposed to end the campaign her husband coordinated as president to sue America’s gun industry into oblivion.  

Worst of all, she would be in a position to appoint Supreme Court justices who would tip the court’s ideological balance away from its recent support of the Second Amendment, effectively making the judiciary a rubber stamp for any conceivable gun control scheme.

Whatever Hillary Clinton says about “supporting” the Second Amendment, she does not believe it guarantees the right to have functional, readily-accessible firearms in the home for self-defense. Again and again, she has criticized the Supreme Court’s landmark Heller decision – which recognized an individual right under the Second Amendment and invalidated Washington D.C.’s ban on handguns and functional firearms – as “wrong,” “terrible,” and misapplied

Team Clinton has attacked Trump’s claim that she wants to “abolish” the Second Amendment. With typical Clinton deceitfulness, they insist she has never called for the Amendment’s outright repeal and hasn’t specifically said that Heller should be overturned. 

But make no mistake: a Hillary Clinton presidency would be the end of the Second Amendment as we know it. A Second Amendment that does not protect the rights of individuals, or does not even allow for usable guns within the home, cannot perform its essential functions of supporting the sort of individual and corporate defense on which America’s scheme of ordered liberty depends.

For over a year, we have exhaustively detailed the threats a Clinton presidency poses to your rights. Now, we can only urge you to vote with that information in mind. 

The future of America is in your hands. Let November 8, 2016, be remembered as the day American patriots arose with one voice to secure the Second Amendment from extinction and to preserve freedom for future generations.

Sponsored by NRA-ILA