Townhall Media's Father's Day Gift Guide 2019

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Are you still looking for that Father’s Day gift? Look no further! Whether it’s a Maine Shore Dinner, a grill, portable generator, or an easy to use computer, this list is sure to have a gift that will make your dad feel loved and appreciated.


Maine Shore Dinner
Lobster, Corn on the cob, Shrimp, Scallops, Mussels, Butter, Olive oil, Lemon zest, Garlic, Parsley, Chives that come straight to your door in a foil pack to put in the oven or on the grill!


YETI Tundra 45 Cooler
Keeps your ice frozen thanks to up to 3 inches of PermaFrost Insulation and an extra thick FatWall design is certified Bear-Resistant. One of the strongest coolers out there.


Biofreeze On-the-Go Pain Relief Gel, 5 mL Packets, 100 Count
Biofreeze has been the secret weapon of pharmacists, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and podiatrists. Overcome pain and get back to your best fast with the #1 clinically recommended topical pain relief brand.


Portable Generator Charged By Wall Or Sun
On the go power for Laptops, TVs, Air Mattress, Lamps, Fans, Routers, car vacuums, mini refrigerators, phones, iPads, gps, droids etc. Charges by 120V wall adapter, car charger and MC4 solar panel adapter.


Family Tree Memory Keeper: Your Workbook for Family History, Stories and Genealogy
Family Tree Memory Keeper helps you keep track of basic genealogy information and special family memories, including traditions, heirloom histories, family records, newsworthy moments, family migrations and immigrations, old recipes, important dates, and much more.


Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station
Griddles aren’t just for breakfast foods and stir-fry! Cook everything from steak to chicken and fish to vegetables. When cooking on this flat top not only do you retain all the flavor and juices in your food but you can still get that sought after crisp wherever preferred.



Carnivore Club  – Jerky & Meat Sticks Sampler Box
Includes 4 to 6 Meats – Typically 10-16 oz altogether (Jerky & Meat Sticks) Past boxes featured items like honey bourbon beef jerky, pepperettes, biltong, venison jerky, bacon jerky, salami sticks, chorizo bites, and more!


CRAFTSMAN Handheld Yard Blower
Lightweight design Less than 8lbs for decreased user fatigue. Makes any clean up a breeze!


Crocs Men’s Santa Cruz Playa Lace Sneaker
Lace-up loafer style sneakers with tiny bumps along footbed to give feet a massage-like feel.


Fabric Steamer with Garment Hanger
Fast & Effective Wrinkle Remover that he can do in seconds not hours!


Wild River Multi-Tackle Large Backpack
Large upper storage area with removable divider, converts backpack for storage of larger items. Front pocket cover folds down to provide a handy work surface. Clear internal pocket to keep your maps and licenses visible but dry and lower tray compartment for tackle.


Dad, I Want to Hear Your Story: A Father’s Guided Journal To Share His Life & His Love
This book will guide your father with questions, assisting him in sharing the stories of his childhood, his teens, and his adult years. This will be his tale, his triumphs, his challenges.


Small Rotisserie Oven / Vertical Rotisserie
Enjoy Rotisserie Chicken & Oven Roasted Chicken With More Convenient & Healthy Way. Also For Kebab, Shawarma, Gyros, Tacos Al Pastor, Vegetables, Hot dogs, Meat And Fish…



The WOW! Computer–A Simple to Use Computer for Seniors
Touch screen technology, One-touch “zoom” magnification, Big bright screen — no bulky tower. Send and receive emails and video chat, “Surf” the internet, Play games online. No prior knowledge of computers needed!


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