Say hello to Spot.IM, the new commenting system for Bearing Arms, and say goodbye to annoying Facebook comments!

If you weren’t a fan of the Facebook comments, we at Bearing Arms heard you, and we’re doing something about it.

The registration process for the new Spot.IM system is self-explanatory and straightforward. Rather than using a global platform like Facebook, your Spot.IM account will be specific to the Bearing Arms site. The system is easy to use and allows those who moderate comments here at Bearing Arms to bring down the ban hammer on spammers and trolls if necessary. It will also allow the discussion among readers to thrive and focus on what matters: defending our right to keep and bear arms and provide a forum for gun owners and supporters to discuss the big Second Amendment stories of the day.

There are several reasons why Bearing Arms pulled the trigger on Spot.IM. First, it’s a WordPress plug-in, which means, as mentioned above, that the comment community is going back to being its own community that remains here at the site. This allows commenting to happen in real-time, unlike Facebook, and allows for spontaneous conversations. Spot.IM also has a newsfeed function which can tie you into other, potentially related articles on the site and expand the conversation. Another attractive feature is that readers and those looking to engage on another can register and use an anonymous name, unlike dealing with Facebook. There is also automatic moderation to filter content.

We invite you to register as soon as the system goes live and encourage you to play around with it. Let us know what you think. If you have any issues, problems, or feedback, please send an email to [email protected]