Don't Make Brazil's Gun Rights Loss Be America's Future

Name Witheld By Request

The author is a regular reader of Guns & Patriots living in Brazil. Because of gun laws in his country, he asked to remain anonymous.

I am a loyal reader of Guns & Patriots every week living in Brazil. As I watch what is happening in America, I am compelled to reach out my friends in America to share my story.


What is happening in America, has already happened in another country, here in Brazil. If fall asleep on watch and let Hillary make the UN treaty gun control and you will see this coming soon.
My personal story is simple, I have always loved guns, my father have always loved guns, I learned from him how to shoot when I was 8-years-old, and ever since that time I have practiced.

Today, I live on a 7-acre property in the middle of a city near Brazil´s capitol city Brasilia.

Last month, after 13 years living here, a burglar entered my bedroom through the open window and stole a fan. The funny part is that I heard the dogs barking, but I ignored them because they are always barking at our three horses. Afterwards, I predicted to my wife that he will be back, the first time was just too easy not to come back.

The robbery was on a Tuesday. He came back on Thursday.

This time, I noticed the barking dogs and I headed to the bedroom with my Taurus .38 long on hand.

There was no one in the bedroom, so I looked to the kitchen side window. There the window that should be closed was opened and I thought the robber was inside the house. Slowly, I left bedroom and as I walked towards the kitchen, I saw him in the corridor.

He saw me, too. He ran. I ran towards him and fired at him as he climbed through the kitchen window.

When I got to the window, he was already 30 meters away and heading to the pasture at full speed. Steadying myself against the frame, I fired at him again. This time, I don’t know if I got him. The first time, I know I did for I would never miss at 10 meters.


Never did I ever think I would kill another human being. Even now, I do not know what happened to this perpetrator. He vanished. There has been nothing in the news about him.

You might wonder why I did not call the police. I did not because if I had they would have grabbed my gun, the only one I have left, and I would have been arrested with no hope for bail.

I am a citizen, a 58-year-old father to seven, and yet, I am at risk of imprisonment just for having a single capsule of ammunition, much less a gun.

In Brazil, I am required to register a gun I possess and the government is the only one who can decide whether I can keep it—only after paying the $2,000 in registration fees.

This is where you Americans are headed if you do not hold on to your Second Amendment rights. I am a Brazilian, in fact, a Brazilian conservative which is the closest thing to a rare endangered species in Brazil.

My Country has been taken by communists. Despite times in our history when the military confronted them, they never give up unless you kill them. Today, Brazil is under attack from the “Silent Revolution,” whose roots are in the writings of the Italian Antonio Gramsci. Gramsci wrote that the way to wage a silent revolution was to take over critical parts of society, such as the press, the educational system, the courts and the unions.


One example of the revolution’s success is that in 2011, for the first time in Brazilian Republic hystory, there is no conservative party in Brazil. Conservatism carries a stigma that no politician has the guts to challenge.

The last step in this revolution was the government’s move to grab our guns and our self-defense rights.

In 2005, a referendum election was held and 65 percent of the voters voted “No” to ban firearm and ammunition merchandizing and grant to the government full power to tax and control personal defense firearms and ammunition.

This vote has been disregarded by the Supreme Court, that uphold government right to regulate all aspects of gun possession. Today, a Brazilian can not have even a sword, like those samuri, for example, nor a simple pellet gun or a copy of a pellet pistol that vaguelly or accuratelly represents a real gun. Children cannot even play “guns.”

Typical of liberal elites, only the criminals and Labor Party members and supporters may bear arms. In the “Favelas,” Brazilian shack like cities inside or bounded to real cities, there are true Armies of Perpetrators that have military-style guns, like .50 machine guns, rifles, grenade launchers, AK’s, AR15s and all the rest. But a father, a law abiding citizen cannot have a single short-hand gun to keep his familly safe. He is treated like a criminal. This week, six banks have had their´s ATMs blown up–yes, blowned up with explosives–just in the city of São Paulo.


Sadly, the direct result of this loss of freedom is the sharp increase in crime, such as the current level of 50,000 violent deaths every year.

Please understand that I cannot identify myself because in my country, men like me are the target of law enforcement, not the criminals. Even now, I am concerned that by coming out of the shadows, I have made myself a target to the police and the criminals. As a regular of Guns & Patriots, I felt compelled to speak up and add my voice.

Please do not ignore my warning. Once your gun rights are gone, there is no way to get them back.

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