Two Ohio School Districts Will Allow Staff to Carry Concealed Guns

The fine citizens living in the great state of Ohio are doing their part to make the news this week.  We’re proud of the Zimmerman Gun Group’s efforts and now a new story from WHIOTV announced that two school districts have passed a measure that would allow school staff members to carry concealed firearms on campus.


It’s not instantly a free pass on any teacher who would like to bring a gun.  Those that wish to carry handguns must be designated by the school board, must possess a carry permit and must also undergo specialized tactical training with the county sheriff’s office.

It is not expected any of the staff will have the required training done before the start of the 2013-14 school year.

According to WHIOTV, the measure was supported by local law enforcement,

Arming teachers as a way to improve student safety became a topic of debate in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shootings in December in Newtown, Conn. Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones made headlines when he pushed for armed personnel in schools, and threatened to pull his support from local school levy campaigns if no districts put that proposal in action.

Jones applauded Edgewood’s new policy and said he expects more districts to follow suit.

“I support it 100 percent. They should have done it a long time ago. I wonder what took them so long,” said Jones, who increased sheriff deputy patrols around county schools last year. “They’re the first one in this region to do it. But what I’m hearing is there’s more coming.”

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